Introduction to Filip, VueStorefront, early adoption of the Composition API, and our example app
BONUS - Vue 2 Composition API plugin vs Vue 3 Composition API implementation
Why We Need Reactivity
Ref and Reactive - key parts of the Composition API's Reactivity System
BONUS - Vue 2 'gotcha' with pulling functions out of setup
Composition API
Instance vs Global State with composable functions and the Composition API
Async Fetch Composable Function (example)
Composition API in VueStorefront Source Code
BONUS - How VueStorefront Next is Organized (overview)
0% done with Expert Series - Filip Rakowski - Composition API in VueStorefront

BONUS - Vue 2 'gotcha' with pulling functions out of setup

If you try to pull functions and variables out of 'setup' while using the Vue 2 Composition API, you'll need to do a few extra steps - import what you need and then call Vue.use with the composition API.

If you're using Vue 3, no need to worry about this!

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