Which Vue Developers should learn TypeScript?
Installing TypeScript, Transpiling and Watching Files
Introduction to TypeScript’s Types
A Quick Tour of TypeScript’s Basic Types
Functions and Types in Typescript
Custom Types and Literal Types
Custom Object Types in TypeScript
Type Intersections
Type Unions
Intro to TypeScript - Conclusion (for now)
0% done with TypeScript: The Vue Parts

Which Vue Developers should learn TypeScript?

Why learn TypeScript?

More and more Vue apps and open source projects -- including Vue 3 -- are using TypeScript. Even if your personal or company app doesn’t use TypeScript, you may want to know the basics so that you can understand other people’s apps and the open source projects you rely on.

Why this course?

“TypeScript: The Vue Parts” focuses on the parts of TypeScript that you’re likely to need for Vue apps, and ignores the parts you won’t. We’ll also look at real-life examples from the Vue 3, Vuetify, and VueStorefront Next source code. If I miss an important topic, or typical usage changes, I’ll add more videos.

This course only covers the TypeScript language itself, so while it’s focused on the needs of Vue developers, it will work as an intro for anyone. A future course will build a Vue 3 app using TypeScript.

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