Intro + Preview for the Pagination Component
Pagination Bar Mockup
Pagination within GitHub's API
Calculating and Displaying the Correct Number of Pages
Active and Disabled States - Styling and Guardrails to Help the User
Query Params - Saving Page Number
Multiple Query Params
Changing # of Results Per Page
Using Pagination with Preloaded Data
0% done with Advanced Components: Building a Reusable Pagination Component

Chapter 4 of 5 in Advanced Components: Slots
Intro + Preview for the Pagination Component

This video covers what we'll be building, who this course is for, and how to get started - whether this is your first course here, or you've been following along with this series.

If you've been following along, make sure to check out the updated GitHub Auth and the updated debouncing function.

For newcomers, start with the pagination-start branch on the Github repo.

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