Why Build a DataLoader Component?
The Basic DataLoader Component
Exercise 1 - Custom Authentication
Exercise 1 Solution
Debouncing API Calls (updated)
The Loading State
Exercise 2 - Spinner Plus
Exercise 2 Solution
The Error State
DataLoader Component Conclusion
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Chapter 3 of 5 in Advanced Components: Slots
Why Build a DataLoader Component?

In this course we'll be using advanced Components and Slots knowledge to build the DataLoader Component.

The DataLoader Component itself is really cool and useful, but it does occupy a similar range of use-cases as the Suspense Component that's coming in Vue 3.

So why build it?

The two components do have slightly different use cases, and this component does have some debouncing and error handling functionality that I don't think Suspense possesses, but the biggest reason doesn't have to do with the component itself.

Taking this course will enhance you thinking and help you add new tactics to your mental toolkit - tactics that you can use while building components that have nothing to do with loading data.

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