Intro to Dynamic Slots
Tour of the Starting Code - A Table for Github Projects
Exercise 0 - Raising Github API Rate Limit (updated)
Slots for Table Rows
Exercise 1 - Head and Foot slots
Solution to Head and Foot Slots Exercise
Column Slots
Dynamic Column Slots
Exercise 2 - Dynamic Head and Foot Slots
Answer to Exercise 2 - Dynamic Head and Foot Slots
Completely Customizable Dynamic Tables
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Exercise 1 - Head and Foot slots

Your assignment is to make the #head and #foot slots in VSTable.vue.

The component usage will look like this:

<VSTable :items="projects">
  <!-- ... item slot template omitted ... -->
  <!-- new code -->
  <template #head>
      <font-awesome-icon icon="star" />
      <font-awesome-icon icon="star" />
      <font-awesome-icon icon="star" />
    <th>Here Be Dragons
      <font-awesome-icon icon="dragon" />
  <template #foot="{items}">
    <td>{{sumBy(items, 'stargazers_count')}}</td>
    <td>{{sumBy(items, 'open_issues')}}</td>
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