Intro to Secure File Upload to S3 from VueJS
Getting a file from an input
Setting up S3
Getting S3 credentials securely from API
Uploading Files with aws-s3
Uploading Indicator
Using Vuetify's v-file-input
Review of Uploading Files to S3
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Chapter 25 of 27 in Building
Uploading Files with aws-s3

The official AWS SDK can be difficult to use, so we're going to use the aws-s3 library instead.

We'll set up the configuration first, and I'll show you how to find all the information you'll need -- including stuff that S3 for some reason tries to hide from you, such as the key for your region.

Then we'll compute a unique file name and upload the file. There is an error in this process that I believe is caused by the aws-s3 library, and I'll show you how to work around it and make stuff work anyways.

Because we put our code in a component, we can easily use this for both the Thumbnail Image and the Video File

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