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axios, asyncData, and one downside of SSR
Meta Tags (Great for SEO!)
Vuex and Fetch in Nuxt
Review of Nuxt Basics
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Why Nuxt?

Nuxt offers a bunch of advantages over plain VueJS, including

  • easy Server-Side Rendering (SSR),
  • automatic code splitting,
  • easier async data, and
  • a routing solution with massive reductions in boilerplate.

The downside is that there's no upgrade process to take one codebase from Vue to Nuxt: if you have an existing VueJS app of any size, you'll have to create a fresh Nuxt app and then port it all over.

However, this isn't quite as bad as it seems at first -- your Components and Vuex stores won't have to change much if at all, and everything else you could do in Vue has an equivalent in Nuxt.

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